The Best Ways to Utilize Easy Business Loans

Apply Now Let’s say you need additional funds for expansion, or maybe for better equipment. If you don’t have the working capital on hand then you need to apply for easy small business loans. We understand how from one day to the next you may suddenly be dealt with unexpected situations that lead you to ask for a business loan.

There’s nothing stopping you from applying for an easy business loan today. We’d even be glad to help you get the business loan and can get you the funds within a day of your applying for it. Before you apply for your small business loan, get to know a few of the details.

It’s not hard to apply for easy small business loans

As you can see, on our website, it’s not difficult to apply for an easy small business loan. Others, however, may see it as a challenge, especially when it comes to the business loan amounts filed for, as well as preparing the documents that you need to submit.  This is especially true if you’re looking for a bank loan for business.

To be prepared, do your due diligence and get pre-qualified. This saves you from a lot of time and trouble. Plus it gives you an idea of your ability to secure that small business loan. It doesn’t have to be a frustrating and complicated process.

To get an easy small business loan do you need a business plan?

It’s good to have a business plan with you as you file for your small business loan.  This is virtually mandatory if you are going to secure a business bank loan.  If you’re using one of the top business loan lenders chances are it won’t be required.

At Sunwise Capital we do not ask for business plans or the 2 dozen plus other documents a bank loan for business will require.  All we require is a one-page application and the last 3 months of business bank statements.  Depending on the loan amount we may require a current P&L and Balance Sheet with the 1st page only of the last business tax return filed.  We can even help you if you don’t have some of these documents

The business loan amount won’t affect your approval

You may have heard that apply for a large business loan may hinder your chances of approval – it’s not true. It’s okay to request a large dollar amount on your business loan. A good rule of thumb is to request approximately 10% of your annual revenue.  However your business loan can be approved for as much as 20% of that revenue.  As long as you have enough free cash flow to make your small business loan payment, then you’re good. At Sunwise Capital we offer from $10,000 to $2M.

Another rule of thumb when applying for an easy small business loan is to get approved for the largest amount you qualify for.  That way you can really determine what you need both now and in the near term future.  Many small business lenders will allow you to reborrow when approximately 50% of your small business loan is repaid. We try to extend to all of our clients more money, better rates and better terms when they reapply for their business loan.

Here are just a few factors to consider.  How much money do you need for business growth, and how much can you afford to repay either daily, weekly or monthly?  The latter is determined by the lender.  The last thing the small business lender wants to do is put you in a position where your cash flow is squeezed.  The idea of the small business loan is to make your life easier.  Not constricting your cash flow and putting pressure on your profits.

If you have a hard time making your current payments on time, then you will find it even more difficult to obtain an additional small business loan. However, one of the big differences between a lender like Sunwise Capital and a traditional bank or lending institution is that Sunwise Capital is much more forgiving.  They know life happens.  So whether it’s less than perfect credit, a few bounced checks or NSF’s a month – no worries.

Caveat Emptor.  Do yourself a favor and pay off one business loan before taking another.  We know the temptation to secure additional business loans and know too well that there are other business lenders who will be more than happy to get you into a much more expensive business loan.  Honestly some don’t car if they choke you or your cash flow.

What are you Waiting For?

Interested in applying for a small business loan? Do you have some concerns?  Don’t worry—we’re here to help you out and assist you. Just call us at 888.456.9223 and tell us your concerns so we can address them based on your personal circumstances.

Undecided yet? Fill out our pre-qualification form. You will only be answering basic questions, and you’ll get a response almost immediately.


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