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Difference Between Revolving Credit and Line of Credit

When comparing the difference between revolving credit vs. a line of credit, you may be surprised to find that although there are similarities, they are very different. Is a Revolving Line of Credit Good? Business owners learn more about revolving credit vs. nonrevolving credit line below to determine which is the best choice for you or…

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How Does a Small Business Cash Advance Work?

A small business cash advance, also known as a merchant cash advance, is becoming a popular financing option for many small businesses with fluctuating revenue. This financing option is fast and easy.  It is a business funding option that provides fast cash when more traditional funding options, like bank loans, are not available. It differs from a small business loan or other…

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When to Choose a No Personal Guarantee Business Line of Credit

As a business owner, you will face a variety of challenges to keep your company operational and consistently moving forward. Obtaining financing and simultaneously building corporate credit to supplement profits or drive growth shouldn’t be one of those challenges. Unfortunately, many business owners struggle to get traditional loans due to lack of collateral, low personal credit scores, or little to no established business credit.…

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Ecommerce Inventory: How a Loan Can Help Finance Your Store’s Inventory

Managing ecommerce inventory for your business can take a lot of time and resources if you don’t have the right ecommerce platform and inventory management strategy to streamline the process. Once you have determined your supply chain, what you need for shipping and inventory optimization for ecommerce, it’s time to check out management software options and…

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