sunwise capital reviews

Sunwise Capital Reviews

Customer Reviews (Verified Loans)

A Sunwise Capital “Verified Loan” review means we’ve verified that the person or company writing the review received a loan from Sunwise Capital and didn’t receive a loan from another company.

Sunwise Capital does not provide rewards or incentives in return for a good review or rating. All Sunwise Capital reviews are unedited. Reviewers have the option to provide personal information or details.

Satisfied Clients

Sunwise Capital Clients become satisfied return customers.

Nothing says, “Thank You” like a written review from a happy customer.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are the most recent customer reviews we have received.

We help small businesses every day.
Our customers come from nearly 700 different industries.

sunwise capital reviews

The loan is pending deposit in my account.


Thank you Vivian!! The loan is pending deposit in my account. Look forward to working with you too in the future! I do appreciate you.

Lynn Webster
Quail Ranch of Oklahoma

…see it in the account by tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all of your help getting this done. I worry anytime we have to get a loan due to all of the fraud out there not to mention getting ripped off a long time ago. Thank you again. They told me I should see it in the account by tomorrow.

NJ Trucks Service

I’m truly living the American Dream.

“Tell your partner that next time you are both in Boston you need to come visit us at our restaurant since you have been such a big part of our growth in the past 4 years. I came to this country with $1 in my pocket in 1980 and I’m truly living the American Dream. I’m so happy with the help have given me that I want to share with you a good meal.”

Carlos S
E St. Services
Boston, MA

So easy…….and FAST!


Thank you again for all the help……… made it so easy…….and FAST!

–  Tom F

I look forward in working with you.

I just want to let you know that it was certainly a pleasure to speak to you. I appreciate the knowledge and instruction that you demonstrated to me. I look forward


working with you.

– D. Griffin
Tri Commercial, Inc.

Wow. Awesome.

And thank you both! You were terrific to work with! I really appreciated you both putting up with all my questions and your patience and help!! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Chad H.
C. H. Construction

“Excellent Service”

“Excellent service from Sunwise Capital!

Vivian Kane delivers!”

Sasha Wolloch

“faster, easier and more efficient than others”

“Hi Vivian, I have worked with other short term loan companies, however, I found working with you and Sunwise faster, easier and more efficient than others. Keep up the good work in helping small business grow.”

– Ann Law
Victoria Inns by the Sea

“I would highly recommend Sunwise Capital”

“Vivian I just wanted to send you a quick “thank you” for helping our company with funding for our business Wasteflo,


Being a small business in a service industry has


challenges, not the least of which is funding business growth and meeting the financial needs that arise from day to day operations. Banks typically snub their noses at small business financing regardless of your

credit worthiness

making it very difficult for any small business to grow.

Sunwise Capital has proven to be a valuable partner to Wasteflo Inc. in helping us grow our business by assisting us with financing options that we can utilize while making the process fast and easy. The cost of money is reasonable and not overbearing and funding is fast so we can move forward with our growth plans. Payment terms are easy as well making our experience with your company pleasant and comfortable. Any company is only as good as


reputation, and I would highly recommend Sunwise Capital to any small business with financial needs requiring outside funding. Sunwise Capital is a good and trusted partner!”

– Herb Allred
Managing Partner Wasteflo Inc. dba Wastenet

“professional and terms very agreeable”

“Monarch-TV has used Sunwise Capital to help finance

longer term

 video production projects where cash flow is critical. We’ve found the company professional and terms very agreeable. The more we’ve called on SunWise, the more streamlined the funding process has become.”

– Hugh M.

“keep moving forward”

“For the most recent funding, I had a specific use for it and a plan.

Effectively, I would be spending more per unit in interest and have a vastly accelerated payback. Yet, the benefits far outweigh that. The project chosen is producing steady revenue of $1500 per month for as long as I want it to. Long after the note is paid off, that $1500 of pure revenue will still be coming in as the project will be 100% paid for. It will also have a residual or sale value 25% greater than the original notes at any time in the future.

The accelerated payback schedules is what can really make the difference. If you were to take conventional financing, the payments would be lower, and the rate would be lower. The issue with that is it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. You give and give to the bank, and maybe 10 to 20 yrs from now, you will actually own something. When all is said and done, your interest costs going that route are much larger, coupled with the long term stress of yet another payment.

If one has a determined purpose, this type of financing can make a great deal of sense. More importantly, the pay down is so rapid, that you can finish that project and plan for the next one to keep moving forward.”

– Frank Lechner
Operations Manager

“the easiest way to access capital”

“Thank You for sending me this note, I was meaning to write you a Thank You note since we last spoke. It was one of the easiest


 to access capital that I have encountered in my business life, and your attention to our needs was very professional and expedite.

As a result of the loan we got, very soon you could see the launch of our new e-commerce website with the inclusion of new and exciting products.

Would we recommend your program to our friends and business partners, yes we


 Your program is very simple to apply to and fair. Again, Thank You for your attention and service”

– Sergio Melconian
Ripley Shirt Company

“So glad we found you.”

“So glad we found you. I don’t know what we would have done without you. We value our relationship with you. We look at you as our partner in the growth of our business.”


“really fast, and required a lot less paper work”

“We didn’t want to go through our regular


 because as we all know, they can take forever to process a simple company loan. The loan process with Sunwise Capital was really


and required a lot less paper work than usual. We especially appreciated having a

go to

(Vivian) person to help us navigate through everything.

We like the small manageable daily debits from our bank account, we also think the 6-month pay back time table, that we selected, fits our needs really well. Our company will be recommending Sunwise Capital to all our subcontractors & friends; we think their loan packages really work well, great for any small business. Have an awesome week! Thanks, ”


“professional and very helpful and positive from the beginning”

“My fears about business loans being this big scary process and I would just be denied and judged as a failure as a business owner kept me from applying for any business funding. Sunwise Capital was professional and very helpful and positive from the beginning. Not like my bank that made it clear I was too small to bother with – even though I have banked with them for 20+ years.

Since I don’t have a rich uncle or a ton of cash stashed somewhere, an alternative form of financing was the answer. Sunwise Capital understands the unique needs of a small business and the application process is very straightforward. A great feature was Sunwise Capital let me know I was approved within a couple of business days! No waiting for weeks to get a denial letter from my traditional bank.

Sunwise Capital staff is courteous, prompt and professional. They took a personal interest in my business and were available to answer any questions – even ones I felt were “dumb” or I should know the answer. I was apprehensive about taking a business loan out but Sunwise Capital made the entire process clear and easy to complete.”

– T S
Savoy Engineering Group

“I appreciate your help through the process”

“Vivian, please find requested documents attached. I appreciate your help through the process. Since we began this process we looked at one of your competitors to see how competitive your pricing was. The pricing was comparable. However, they had a terrible BBB rating and many complaints. You have an A rating, so we have decided to use your company. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks”

– Matt
Greenergy Professional Services

“The loan was very quick”

“When I first opened the business, I didn’t have enough money to buy inventory, so the vendors gave me credit to buy their products. As my business got busier, I had to buy more products and that’s where I got stuck. I only had certain time frame to pay them back and I couldn’t.

Taking the loan from Sunwise helped me pay my vendors and be back on track. The loan was very quick. In couple of days the money was transferred into my account. The repayment was done on a daily basis. Monday thru Friday. It was for nine months, so it was short term.

I would recommend this loan program, because it was very fast and easy to do. The process was fair. The only thing I would add is rather than taking money on a daily basis. They could just take all of it on the last day of the month. “

– Firoz Shaikh
Mgh Chemistry

“Quick, easy & excellent service”

“Quick, easy & excellent service. Second time loan, works to support cash flow in my business. Efficient staff, good rates, easy process.”

– M Benn
Britannia Pool & Lawn Care

“I am already telling other contractors about y’all.”

“Thanx Vivian received funding this morning. Thanx so much for your help. I am already telling other contractors about y’all.”

– Allan E
A Plumbing

“funded with over 30k in about 7 business days”

“Hey Randon, it’s been my pleasure to have connected with you! I was funded with over 30k in about 7 business days. The process took longer because of a death in the family and myself being out of touch! You guys really are incredible. I’m using funds to open location in Gold Coast, Australia. It was very nice not having to tap into personal accounts. My bank would have taken at least 3 weeks, but my business operating on time sensitive operations, 3 weeks is 2 weeks too long! Thanks for your advice. “

– Steve Q


“Wow!! Great to hear!! Looking forward to getting on with implants!!!

Thank you so much for your time and effort!!! I appreciate it very much!!”

– Dr. G

“The whole process was very easy”

“The whole process was very easy. Thank you for everything.

I’ll talk to you in a few months!”

– Adam S/Owner
C Air Solutions LLC

“an incredibly professional organization.”

“SunWise Capital performed superbly in processing our request, tailoring it to our needs and getting it executed just the way their marketing communications stated.
They were highly responsive to our timing needs and guided us to make the best decisions . . . an incredibly professional organization.”

– Globotrac

“Obtaining the loan is much quicker than going through a Bank”

“Hi Vivian: You were the coordinator during the process of Sun-Pro Solutions obtaining a loan from Sunwise Capital. Every one we communicated with in your company was helpful, friendly and very efficient helping us to navigate through the process as quickly as possible. Our company needed some Capital in a very short period and you and others in Sunwise were very involved to assist us in getting the money we needed on time.

I would recommend Sunwise Capital Loan to anyone who has an immediate need for some cash quickly. Obtaining the loan is much quicker than going through a Bank and you are dealing with very nice folks at Sunwise Capital. So thank you and Sunwise Vivian for assisting us in a time of need.”

– Wilbur H/VP
S-Pro Solutions inc.

“This loan was so easy”

“Sun Wise Capital was so helpful to us when we needed them. As a small business owner we tried to get a loan from our bank to help us through the winter and add on some additions we needed to improve or company. All the bank cared about was our tax returns, and a lot of paper work. I emailed Vivian Kane and she sent me an app, and that was about it. This loan was so easy. They made us feel like they believed in us. 4 days later I had the money in my account. It took longer because I’m slow at paper work, not them. Vivian was so nice and quick! Thank you so much you help us out, not just once but twice. I do wish the % was lower, but don’t we all. For the quickness we got the money, and the plan to pay it back it was worth it.”

– Jim B
Falls Manufacturing

“I would absolutely recommend Sunwise Capital”

“My credit history was previously tarnished and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get any loan. I was able to get my cash flow back on track in the short term, and wasn’t crippled financially trying to pay off the loan, in the longer term.

I liked the fact that payment of the loan was done on a daily basis and the amount was manageable.

I would absolutely recommend Sunwise Capital. Everyone involved with the company, that I had contact with, was helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional. They were able to get me funding when other institutions couldn’t.”

– J S




– Andy Tu

“Best Rates, Terms and Service.”

“Easy to Work With. Loved working with Sunwise Capital!”

– Dan Stein

sunwise capital reviews

Sunwise Capital small business loans and merchant cash advances are designed to help grow your business.

We have an easy online application and can fund your business in the next twenty-four hours. Whether you’re looking at business expansion, buying inventory at a discount or need help with cash flow making payroll, we can help.

Sunwise Capital business loans are not based on your personal credit score exclusively. We look at the whole picture, especially the health of your business.

All we need is our one-page loan application, the last 3 months of business bank statements, and your annual revenue (for larger loan amounts we may need the first page of your business tax returns).

We can approve your application within one business day and present you with loan amounts that are usually 10% to up to twenty percent of your annual gross revenue.

Payments are daily weekly or monthly with loan terms ranging from six months to five years.

Fund your business today!

sunwise capital reviews


Sunwise Capital