Capital Cash Loans

Capital Cash Loans

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Capital Cash Loans.

When you need a cash loan, then you want to find the best business lender. Wikipedia can only get you so far. The top business alternative loan lenders will help you get your business capital cash loans quickly and with ease.

When you need a cash loan, then you want to find the best business lender. Wikipedia can only get you so far. The top business alternative loan lenders will help you get your business capital cash loans quickly and with ease.

Perhaps you need a temporary cash flow solution? Maybe you’re entering or just coming out of your slow season? Is there an unexpected expense that just popped-up? Sometimes it’s an opportunity to purchase your inventory at a deep discount.

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Taking out a business loan can be a gamble.

You need a certain amount of cash now, but due to the unpredictable nature of business, you’re wary about being locked into potentially  read more…


Sunwise Capital is here to help you out.

When a situation occurs, and you need a business cash advance, and you need it in your hands immediately we can do it.

Virtually every business experiences challenges. It’s the rule and not the exception. The question is how you deal with these financial challenges. Managing your cash flow and working capital needs is critical to your businesses’ success.

How to Get a Quick and Simple Cash Loan – FAST

You only need to complete our one-page application and provide us with the last three months of your bank statements. We are but one of a very few merchant cash advance companies that will approve you within 24 hours and can provide that cash loan the very next day.

Sunwise Capital offers different capital cash loan options, so they can help you manage your business when the need arises. We know that if you didn’t need a cash loan, you wouldn’t be here.

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  • Business Cash Advance Companies
  • Business Cash Advance
  • Cash Advance Business Loans
  • Cash Advance for Business
  • Cash Advance for Small Business.
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  • Capital Cash Loans


  • Remittance vary daily: $10,000 to $500,000
  • No penalty to pay off early: Based on cash flow and business health
  • Easy automated payments: Flexible maturity date
  • No Personal collateral or assets


  • capital-cash1icon  You start by completing the brief online form. Click Here to Begin, on the thank you page you’ll get a link to complete our one-page application and provide us with the last three months of business bank statements.
  • capital-cash2bicon  We’ll provide you with several options. This flexibility allows you to make sure this is the best cash loan for you.
  • capital-cash3bicon  Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your cash loan very quickly. Usually within 48 hours.

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When looking for a cash loan, it can often be referred to as a merchant cash advance or even as credit card funding. This option is a very common method of providing very easy and fast funding solutions.

This method of funding looks at your monthly credit card sales. All you need is consistent or predictable credit card sales. Most of the alternative lenders will offer slightly different terms. Your cash flow and average daily bank balances will determine the amount of money available to your business and the rate and terms.

The beautiful thing about this funding vehicle is that it is very forgiving. As a top alternative lender, Sunwise Capital understands that business happens. Sometimes it doesn’t. When you have those bad or negative days, our cash loan is the program for you.

It is important to understand that the cash loan or merchant cash advance (MCA) is not a business loan. This funding option is a cash advance based upon the funds that flow through your business merchant account.

The MCA looks toward your future credit card revenues. Using your credit card sales as the underwriting criteria enable us to look at your business differently than a traditional bank might when they evaluate you for a business loan.

Think of it this way. Wimpy, from the Popeye cartoon (created in 1934 by E. C. Seger), often said, “I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.”

Regarding your business, you need money fast. In fact, you need it today. You need it fast.

You’ll gladly sell your future (tomorrows) credit card receipts for the cash (today). Does this make sense?

Let’s look at it this way. You need $100,000. A merchant cash advance will discount your future sales. The rate (or factor rate) may be 1.16. What this means is that you will repay or sell $116,000 of future revenue to get the $100K today.

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It’s that simple.

Sunwise Capital prides itself on being totally transparent with our rates and terms. The merchant cash advance is typically more expensive than our bank loan options. So why does a business consider this option vs. more traditional types of loans?

The primary reason is that your company doesn’t qualify for the term loan. Secondarily, certain industries prefer the variable payments due to the nature of their business. A restaurant or retailer are perfect examples.

These types of businesses have fluctuating cash flow. Think about a busy restaurant or bar on a long holiday weekend and then everyone leaves town on Monday leaving the joint empty. Our strongest recommendation is to consider all the factors in your decision-making process.

The biggest benefit to our cash loans is the fast and easy way to get your business the money it needs today. This alternative to traditional small business loans allows for the repayment to coincide with your company’s natural cash flow.

Yes, you pay slightly more daily when you’re rolling along and a little less if the business is slow. The small fixed, regular payment is made until the cash advance gets paid in full.

Like all business decision you make for your business, there are pros and cons. When deciding whether to apply for that cash advance, you need to consider that while you will have quick access to the funds, you will pay higher fees than with the traditional loan.

There is less flexibility to change your merchant account. However, the trade-off is an easy approval process. On top of that bad credit is not a challenge with the merchant advance while the daily debits from your bank account do reduce cash flow. Lastly, it is suitable for a broad range of businesses, and this may be the biggest advantage of all.

Decide beforehand how much money you need and what it will do for your business. Remember it’s all about your ROI.

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