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What is a Cash Loan?

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    Are you a business owner with less than perfect personal credit score?

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    Do you have cash flow challenges and need a quick and easy short term loan?

Do you need fast cash today?

Financial institutions, like Sunwise Capital, offers business owners fast loans. As direct lenders, we provide business owners online cash advance loan and short-term loans with 24-hour approvals and one business day funding!

You can get the extra cash you need and qualify for money loans, even with bad credit.

Sunwise Capital offers your business short term online loans with very competitive rates and terms. Our capital cash loans offer you a more flexible way to borrow emergency cash.

With flexible payment options, no hidden fees, no cost and no obligation, our personalized loan options can give you amounts up to $500,000 in a day or two.


Need more? Call us at 888.456.9223 to see if you qualify for up to $5,000,000.

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Taking out a business loan can be a gamble.

You need a certain amount of cash now, but due to the unpredictable nature of business, you’re wary about being locked into potentially  read more…

What is the Difference Between Online Cash Loans and In-Store Money Loans?

In today’s marketplace, your choices as a business owner are limited to your local bank or a web-based company that offers online loans.

When you need FAST cash loans you want to find the best business lender. Banks can only get you so far. They do not consider your company’s financial needs, and they require a 720 credit score.

The top business alternative loan lenders will help you get your business capital cash loans quickly and with ease.

Perhaps you need a temporary cash flow solution? Maybe you’re entering or just coming out of your slow season?

Is there an unexpected expense that just popped-up? Sometimes it’s an opportunity to purchase inventory at a deep discount.

Applying for an online business loan with Sunwise Capital means we will look at the health of your business and not just your credit score. We will provide you with the best financing options . Whether its merchant cash advances, equipment financing, or SBA loans you can be assured that you’re receiving the best business financing today.

How Online Cash Loans Work?

A capital loan from Sunwise Capital works just like a traditional bank loan or financing from the large financial institutions. Only much easier.

Why take weeks and sometimes months trying to get a bank when getting a loan online can take just minutes or day or two.

The best alternative online cash loan lenders recognize that there is more to your business than a credit score.

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Online Cash Loan Rates and Terms at Sunwise Capital?

Installment Loan

Our unsecured installment loans are a great solution if you:

  • An excellent alternative if you have between a 450 to 650 score.
  • You need between $10,000 up to $500K in financing.
  • Get up to 10% of your annual gross revenue.
  • Easy loan application process with fast application approval.
  • Straightforward and quick funding with no traditional personal guarantee.
  • Tax lien OK with payment plan in writing
  • Loans terms of 5 months up to 21-months
  • Early payoff discounts
  • Renewals after 50% repaid.


  • Low rates start at $1.18.
  • Fast, easy loan application and minimum paperwork
  • Terms five months up to twenty-one months
  • Payments are weekly or daily
  • Early Payoff Discount
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • No reporting on your credit report
  • Payments reported to business credit report
  • Funding for any business expense
  • Approvals and funding in one business day to 48 hours
  • Loan amounts from $10,000 up to $500,000
  • Get additional capital after 50% repaid.
  • Get better rates and terms with each new additional loan


  • Credit checks FICO Score 450 plus
  • Must be one year in business
  • At least $150K annual revenue
  • Do you have a loan or two? We can go as a 3rd position
  • Must be up to date on rent or mortgage
  • Liens up to $200k on a payment plan.
  • Small liens without payment plan is OK
  • Pros and Cons of online cash loans?

Pros and Cons of online cash loans?

tale of the tape

Where can you use a cash loan?

  • Expansion & Renovation
  • Cash Flow
  • Working Capital
  • Invest in Newer Technology
  • Insurance & Tax Payments
  • Hire Additional Staffing
  • Bulk Supply & Purchase Inventory
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Consolidate Debt

How to Apply for a Cash Loan at Sunwise Capital?

Start by completing the brief online form.

You can get a quick and simple loan – FAST

You can apply online. We have a simple approval process.

Click Here to Begin

On the thank-you page, you’ll get a link to complete our one-page application

Just provide us with the last three months of business bank checking account statements.

We’ll provide you with several options. This flexibility allows you to make sure this is the best cash loan for you.

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your cash loan very quickly. Usually within 48 hours.

We are but one of a very few cash advance companies that will approve you within 24 hours and can provide that cash loan that day.

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Can I Get an Online Loan with a Bad Credit or No Credit History?


Are you exhausted from having the door closed in your face due to less-than-perfect credit score or other factors?

Looking for that line of credit?

Maybe it’s time to reach out to Sunwise Capital for your business loan?

When and How to Repay Online Cash Loans?

Your loan repayment depends on whether you receive a weekly or daily option. Your funds get automatically withdrawn from your business bank account through the ACH (Automated Clearing House).

This process is the same as any automatic bill payment you have currently.

Sunwise Capital is here to help you out.

When a situation occurs, and you need a cash loan, and you need it in your hands fast, we can do it.

Virtually every business experiences challenges. It’s the rule and not the exception. The question is how you deal with these financial challenges.

Managing your cash flow and working capital needs is critical to your businesses’ success.

Remember, returning customers always get better rates and terms.

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