If you bring us a contract with a better offer, we guarantee to either beat that rate or pay you $500.

About Us

About Sunwise Capital


our story

To address a key problem faced by small businesses, we started in 2010 by providing business loans instead of personal loans.



There are no limits to how many loans can be
processed in a scalable environment by the Sunwise
Capital loan processing system.


our goal

Our goal is to help you build a long-term financial
foundation for your business, allowing you to build
wealth for yourself and your family.


Small Business expertise

Our loan specialists at Sunwise Capital are well-versed in the ins and outs of various types of financing. We all appreciate the difficulties that come with running a small business.


advanced underwriting

As an industry leader in champion challenger underwriting, we utilize a highly sophisticated loan matrix.

This method guarantees that we are always equipped with the greatest tools in the market to target and successfully underwrite the business loans we are looking for at the lowest possible rate.


Loan processing

Business Loan processing is a race. The first company to the customer is usually the winner—our program centers around this concept. Our underwriting staff has the tools to help the business owner who reaches out to us looking for working capital and loans. We can approve a loan within minutes and offer options for same-day funding in hours.

Sunwise Capital Small Business Loans since 2010

Mark Kane

Sunwise Capital Small Business Loans since 2010

Vivian Kane

Sunwise Capital Small Business Loans since 2010

Jose David

EVP Technology
Sunwise Capital Small Business Loans since 2010

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VP Client Relations
Sunwise Capital Small Business Loans since 2010

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Chief of Staff


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