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Are You Eligible for a

Dental Practice Business Loan?

Time In Business
1 Year Minimum
Yearly Revenue
$150,000 +
$10,000 to $5m
Credit Score
500+ FICO Score

Get $10,000 to $5M Now
Same Day Approval up to $50,000
Next Day Funding for Amounts up to $150,000!

What Could Your Business Do with Extra Capital?

  • Expansion & Renovation
  • Cash Flow
  • Working Capital
  • Invest in Newer Technology
  • Insurance & Tax Payments
  • Hire Additional Staffing
  • Bulk Supply Purchase
  • Marketing
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Consolidate Debt

   5 Star Trust Rating

“My credit history was previously tarnished, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get any loan. I was able to get my cash flow back on track in the short term and wasn’t crippled financially trying to pay off the loan, in the longer term. I liked the fact that payment was manageable. I would absolutely recommend Sunwise Capital. Everyone involved with the company, that I had contact with, was helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional. They were able to get me funding when other institutions couldn’t.”

– Justin D. D.D.S.

Dental Practice Loans

  • No Cost
  • No Obligation
  • 24 Hour Approvals