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Business Loan Success Stories

Sunwise Capital is dedicated to providing small business owners with the resources and capital they need to achieve their goals. We share the business loan success stories of our clients to inspire others to take their businesses to greater heights and start building their legacies. With business loans from Sunwise Capital, our clients have improved their operations and invested in new opportunities. We invite you to learn about their journeys and see how Sunwise Capital can help you achieve your business goals too.

Business Loan Success Stories

An Esteemed Roofing Manufacturer in Florida Projected $70M in Income Owing to Our Financing Flexibility and Prompt Action During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sunwise Capital made the decision to collaborate with this business despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 situation when most creditors had retreated from the market. We have extended them over $2M through tailor-made funding solutions since 2021. This business embodies a motivating triumph story of a small enterprise that was able to shift its business approach to maximize revenues and expand its operations extensively with the aid of Sunwise Capital.

A Home-Based Construction Business in Colorado Received the Liquidity Needed to Expand and Make Over $12M Each Year

Ever since 2013, we have granted this client more than $1.5M in capital to maintain their business smoothly and achieve growth, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. This construction firm hailing from Colorado has demonstrated that with perseverance and good financial support, even small enterprises can flourish. Following the receipt of our funds, they have transformed into a significant contender in their industry since having originated from humble beginnings. This construction company has been empowered to brave difficult times with the assistance of Sunwise Capital.

A Mobile Medical and Dental Enterprise in New York Was Given the Funding Required to Settle Outstanding Debts Resulting from COVID-Related Cash Flow Problems

Sunwise Capital offered a merchant cash advance that had a performance-based assurance connected to the company’s performance and not any person’s assets. Despite the slowdown of their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our funding enabled them to fully repay their creditors and persist with their operations. This business has exhibited commendable development since its inception in spite of all the obstacles, and we take pride in having contributed to its success.

A Custom House Builder in Texas Was Saved from a Precarious Position When His Bank Abruptly Ended His Line of Credit in View of an Impending Economic Downturn

We provided the customer with a $150,000 advance spanning 18 months with monthly payments, allowing another three advances to be borrowed once he has repaid a 50% minimum of the loan. The builder was extremely grateful that Sunwise Capital offered financing to help withstand the fluctuating economic climate and provide a sense of assurance. Despite the financial uncertainties during that time, he persisted in his activities and delivered top-quality bespoke homes. Sunwise Capital was proud to back his small enterprise and provide him with the funding to continue his operations. With our support, the builder could navigate the obstacles brought about by the recession and keep up his excellent service to his customers.

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