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Business Loans California

California dreaming. It started with the gold rush in the 1800s. An entrepreneur’s dream comes true. Can you think of a better opportunity to make money?

If California were a country, it would be one of the top ten players in the world’s economy.

What makes the state of California so attractive to business owners?


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There is no doubt when you think of innovation, you think of California. From San Francisco and San Jose, just outside of Silicon Valley, comes some of the coolest technologies that are sometimes beyond our wildest imaginations.

When you think of Los Angeles, you think of Hollywood. And when you think about southern Californias San Diego, while it might not be the hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit as its high-tech cousins to the north, it boasts success stories, notably that sixty-four of the 5,000 companies on Inc.’s 2015 list of the fastest-growing companies in America hail from San Diego.

How to Get a Small Business Loan in California

The high-tech industry is just one of the dominant businesses and industries that make California a business owner‘s paradise.

Venture capital, a burgeoning industry, stands right behind aspiring entrepreneurs ready to invest millions, if not billions, in startup funding, mezzanine, and angel investing. You must be able to access capital for all that business and economic development regardless of the financial institution.

VCs and angel investors offer competition to financial institutions, like business banking, at your favorite California bank. Perhaps there are as many financing solutions and California finance lenders as new startups.

One resource all California small business owners need to check out is California’s Governor’s Office of Business.

Small Business Start up Loans California

It’s every 22-year-old’s dream to create a new piece of hardware or software that will dramatically change how we communicate with the world and be worth billions of dollars, like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.

Even if you’re the sole employee, we can help.

When you think of California, you also think about real estate. Cliffside estates with some of the most dramatic views of the commercial real estate growth in the California capital, Sacramento. Some say Sacramento Is California’s newest commercial real estate hot spot.

What happens to the scores of other entrepreneurs and California small business owners from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco?

What happens to the countless California business owners of the mom-and-pop variety who can only be a California dreamer? Especially if they don’t have bank perfect credit score.

If these businesses cannot get the working capital and small business loans from the big VCs, where do they go? What financing option is available to the average “joe” with a mediocre credit score? If you don’t have a friendly bank or credit union, can you get a term loan with a reasonable interest rate to help with your cash flow? How do you secure a small business loan?

Is it Hard to Get a California Small Business Loan?

Sunwise Capital stands ready to provide small business loans to over 700 industries in California.

As an online lender,we’re work with California business owners as a resource center & give small business lending assistance as well as small business loans to over 700 industries, even if you have dinged-up credit. Since 2005, unlike traditional lenders or credit unions, we have provided a range of business loan options.

These options include the PPP loan (including loan forgiveness), an SBA loan (with an SBA preferred lender ), a business line, and a merchant cash advance. We offer a customized loan program for every client. We provided our clients’ relief during the Covid 19 crisis and guided them on a disaster loan solution (EIDL – economic injury disaster loan).

As a lender, we work with the small business owner to ensure you have access to a working capital loan. If you need funding with an attractive loan term, we can help. Our $500 loan guarantees mean we will beat any loan from a similar lender or pay YOU $500!

Whether it’s business loans for women with bad credit or high-risk business loans, we offer competitive interest rates with excellent terms. An excellent resource center for women is the women’s business center within the Small Business Administration SBA 7a. We work directly with a top SBA lender. We can also provide an SBA microloan.

Our fast and easy loan options offer businesses working capital from $10,000 to $2M. If you need commercial real estate financing, we can get you a loan of up to $5M with SBA loans. While it may not be the hundreds of millions doled out by venture capitalists, banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions, we rather spread the same amount of capital to the hard-working small business owners. They provide the backbone of our great nation.

Let’s play a word association game. When people think of California, what is one of the first words they think of?


California has lots of cars. It’s no surprise that gasoline stations are one of the incredible business opportunities. Sunwise Capital offers these companies and the C-Stores associated with them the money to grow and expand.

Supporting the auto industry are the auto repair and supply shops that keep all those cars running. We provide excellent equipment financing for qualifying businesses.

Let’s not forget the trucking industry that keeps all that commerce moving. We keep these companies rolling from semi-truck or trucking financing to any truck loans.

If petroleum isn’t exciting, maybe shoes are more to your liking. Did you know there are over 3,000 shoe stores in California?

According to the Golden State, shoes are a huge business generating just under $4B in annual revenue.

Although Toms, Vans, and DC Shoes, headquartered in California, might get the VC funding, where do the rest get their small business loans? Is there business growth outside of the technology industry?

Retailers of all shapes and sizes look to Sunwise Capital for their small business loans in California. We provide as many loan programs as there are shoe sizes.

These can be your shoe boutiques to the restaurant industry, and everything in between.

We offer a broad range of loans, including merchant cash advances, term loans, business acquisitions, lines of credit, collateral, and no-collateral loans. Companies with gross revenue of $200K will generally qualify with acceptable credit. Loan proceeds are paid within 24 hours, and we require the borrower to submit a one-page loan application.

Sunwise Capital‘s small business loans in California are open for business. Also, check out our business loan guarantee program.


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