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Are you looking to expand your small business and grow it to the next level? Look no further than Sunwise Capital for fast business loans.

With our quick and easy one-page online application process, business owners can get the emergency funding and capital they need quickly.

Our experienced team will work with you to make sure your quick loan fits your needs so you can zero in on what matters most to you– growing and expanding your business.

At Sunwise Capital, we understand how important it is to access funding when needed most, so we work hard to make sure your business financing is as easy as possible.

With competitive rates and flexible repayment plans, there’s no better place to get a fast business loan than Sunwise Capital.

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We know that time is of the essence when it comes to growing your business. We offer Fast Business Loans designed to meet your immediate financial needs.

Say goodbye to traditional lenders and bank loans’ tedious paperwork and long wait times. With us, securing the capital to cover cash flow gaps is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

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Why Choose Our Fast Business Loans?

  • Quick Approval Process: Get approval and a quick decision in minutes.
  • Quick Business Loans: Same business day funding – hours after approval.
  • Streamlined Application Process: The online application process takes minutes to complete for a small business loan.
  • Flexible Loan Terms: Choose what works best for you, with repayment terms ranging from 6 to 24 months.
  • Monthly Payments: Available for qualified businesses.
  • Competitive Rates: Benefit from affordable rates and save more for your business.
  • Maximum Loan Amounts: Funding loans between $10K and a max amount of $2 million.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transparency is our promise—no surprises, no hidden charges

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“Sunwise Capital turned around my loan application in record time. The funds were in my account the next day, allowing me to take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity. They are a lifesaver for any small business owner!” – Jason M., Florida.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Sunwise Capital

Don’t let financial constraints stop your growth. Whether expanding operations, hiring staff, or managing cash flow, our Fast Business Loans provide the speedy financial and quick business loan approval you need.

At Sunwise Capital, an alternative lender, we believe investing in your business should be hassle-free. Our loan advisors are here to help you every step of the way, from prequalification to funding.

We understand how important it is to access capital when you need it most, so we work hard to make the application process as straightforward as possible by providing several business loan options with just one application.

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Types of Fast Business Loans

Merchant Cash Advances

The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) provides a fast and reliable source of capital for small businesses needing quick funding. This type of short-term funding allows you to access cash advances within a few hours to a day based on the expected future sales of your business.

Merchant Cash Advances are ideal for companies that handle many credit card sales and take debit cards. The business cash advance repayments are ACH’d.

Weekly payments are available.

Newer companies with three to six months of business can see a higher approval decision than traditional financing solutions. There is minimal paperwork and easier credit requirements.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring (sometimes called A/R financing) is a fast and efficient way for business owners to access funds tied up in unpaid invoices.

Invoice financing allows you to generate cash flow quickly by giving you an advance against the outstanding invoices of customers who have yet to pay. This type of loan or factoring eliminates waiting for customers to pay in full, so you can focus on growing your business.

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing is a loan designed to help businesses purchase necessary equipment quickly and cost-effectively. With this loan, you can get the tools, vehicles, or technology you need without paying for them upfront.

An equipment loan allows you to keep up with changes in your industry and is an ideal solution for companies requiring access to expensive equipment but lacking the necessary capital.

It becomes a secured loan based upon the equipment as collateral.

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At Sunwise Capital, we understand how critical it is to access capital when needed, so we make the application process as straightforward as possible.

Our Fast Business Loans are designed with speed and convenience so you can focus on what’s important—growing and expanding your business.

Short-Term Loans

Short-term loans provide businesses with quick access to capital without the long-term commitments associated with traditional loans.

These loans are excellent for companies that need access to cash quickly but don’t have time to wait around for approval and need additional working capital immediately.

A short term loan can range from 10 thousand dollars to $2 million, and repayment terms typically range from 6 -18 months.

Business Lines

Business Lines of Credit are the perfect option for businesses needing quick capital access without lengthy loan terms.

This working capital loan provides you with a specific amount of money you can draw from as needed, and you only pay interest on the amounts you use.

A business line of credit offers flexibility, allowing you to manage cash flow more effectively and take advantage of business opportunities. LOCs are usually credit-driven.

Bad Credit Business Loans

A bad credit score and history can be an obstacle when applying for traditional business loans. However, there are still options available to businesses with poor credit.

Sunwise Capital offers Bad Credit Business Loans, which provide access to funding without the strict requirements of traditional loans. These short-term loans allow you to borrow when needed, and repayment terms are typically between six to twelve months.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans are another perfect option for businesses needing capital access without putting up collateral.

An unsecured business loan approval reflects your creditworthiness and business health and does not require any form of collateral or security.

Unsecured business loans are for various purposes, including working capital, purchasing inventory, hiring new employees, etc. An online lender versus a traditional lender usually will provide this fast funding option.

Business Term Loans

Business Term Loans provide businesses with long-term funding to finance large projects or investments. These types of loans offer access to up to $500,000 or more; repayment terms can be as long as five years.

The SBA term loans can be up to 10 years (but are not considered fast).

Business term loans are a financing option for various purposes, such as expanding your business, purchasing equipment, renovating existing infrastructure, or investing in new technology.
No matter the size or type of your business, there is likely a fast business loan that can help you access the capital needed to grow and succeed.

Since 2010, Sunwise Capital has provided a wide range of business loans, including secured loans with flexible repayment terms, including weekly and monthly repayments.

Sunwise Capital offers a variety of short-term business loans and lines of credit tailored to fit any budget and need. Additionally, we offer bad credit business loans for those who may not qualify for traditional financing. Get started working with direct lenders by applying now.

Pros and Cons of Emergency Business Funding

Emergency business funding can be an excellent option for businesses that find themselves in a pinch but need quick access to capital.

This type of funding is typically short-term and can help bridge the gap between paying expenses and receiving revenue. However, there are some pros and cons to consider before applying for this type of loan.

Access to quick capital: Emergency business funding can provide businesses with access to quick capital when they need it most. This type of loan can be a lifesaver for companies in a financial bind and need cash quickly.

Flexible repayment terms: Most emergency business loans offer flexible repayment terms, allowing the owner to repay the loan between six to sixty months. These funding options are especially beneficial for businesses that may need more time to pay back a loan.

High interest rates: Due to the nature of emergency business funding, these loans usually come with higher interest rates than traditional business loans, especially from banks. This higher interest rate could result in a costly payback for businesses and may challenge companies to make timely payments. Small business funding requires owners to understand their business needs and cash flow.

Shorter repayment requirements: Emergency business loans typically have shorter repayment periods. These terms offset having a good credit score or providing collateral. Shorter terms mean higher payments.

Businesses that don’t meet these requirements may not be eligible for this type of loan from traditional business loan providers like banks. Funding companies like Sunwise Capital offer a wide range of business loan programs for those who need the money now.

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Why Sunwise Capital?

  • Trusted by Thousands: Join the scores of satisfied customers who have seen their businesses grow with our help.
  • Expert Guidance: Our loan advisors are here to help you every step of the way, ensuring you make the most out of your loan.
  • Secure and Confidential: Your privacy is important. We offer a safe and confidential loan process.

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What is a Fast Business Loan?

Fast business loan financing gives businesses quick access to capital.
Fast business loans can provide same-day funding.

Online lenders, like Sunwise Capital, can typically approve your request in minutes and fund within the same business day to 24 hours. The speed of funding is appealing to business owners who have urgent cash flow needs or other short-term expenses.

These loans are often unsecured, meaning no collateral is required, and have more flexible underwriting criteria than traditional bank loans.

Fast business loans can provide businesses with the funds they need to grow their business in a timely and affordable manner.

How quickly can I get funded?

Once approved, funding time and your ability to get access to funds is within hours to 24 hours.
Sunwise Capital is the perfect choice for businesses seeking a fast and efficient funding solution. We specialize in it.

We tailor our financing options to fit your needs so you can find the right loan amount and repayment terms that work best for you.

From competitive rates to quick approval times, we get the capital loans you need quickly and without worrying about hidden fees or paperwork.

What Are the Eligibility Minimum Requirements?

Borrower qualifications and credit score eligibility requirements range from 500 plus credit score based on the lender and loan product.

Annual revenue requirements are $250,000. The minimum monthly revenue is $20,000, but it is growing.

Time in business requirements is six months to 1 year. Approval odds increase with a higher business credit score, strong business cash flow, and a solid personal credit profile.

How can I apply?

Click the “Get Started Now” button above, complete the online application form, and we’ll take care of the rest. Make sure you attach the last 3 months of your business bank statements to your application.

What Are the Minimum Credit Score Requirements:

Minimum personal credit scores of 500 or better. You do not need an excellent credit history to qualify to receive competitive interest rates.

What Are the Alternatives to Fast Business Loans?

If you’re looking for an alternative to fast business loans, there are a few other funding options available.

Other forms of financing include business credit cards, which can provide quick access to funding for everyday expenses like office supplies and payroll.

If you need more capital, lines of credit are another viable option that allows the business owner to borrow up to a specific credit limit and pay back only the amount borrowed plus interest.
Real estate loans and secured loans are other types of business loans. They are not considered quick loans and require a lengthy application process.

For more significant investments or capital needs, longer-term bank loans or credit unions may be the best option.
While they will offer the lowest rates, they only sometimes provide emergency business loans and require substantial collateral, a higher credit score, and revenue.

Few brick-and-mortar banks or online business loan lenders offer loans to startups.

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