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Sunwise Capital makes business loans by city and state. These business financing options are available to all 30 million small to medium sized businesses in all 50 states that meet our minimum qualifications. Since 2005, Sunwise Capital as a non bank lender is proud to work with businesses and offer assistance in over 700 industries providing working capital and access to a fast and easy business loan to the hard-working Americans that make up the backbone of our great country. We strive to help with the need for economic development and employment growth rates. 

We are very aware of the challenges businesses face, especially post-pandemic. During the COVID 19 crisis, we were positioned to help with the PPP loan and guided businesses on the economic injury disaster loan, eligibility requirements, loan forgiveness, and the cares act. Business owner survival rate seems to be a function of much more than just the state’s business tax climate and individual income tax or even business ideas. Owners of small businesses now must consider labor force participation, population growth, and business activity, in general, to determine whether. 

Owners must now have a piece of working knowledge in cost of living, business tax climate index, corporate taxes, and tax policies to compete effectively in today’s environment.

We proudly salute our veteran-owned businesses and tip our hats to the hard-working women and minorities that choose our business loans to help them grow and expand.

We are excited to be headquartered in Florida since 2005. Florida is now recognized as one of the best places to do business. Florida’s higher educational system is providing sustained growth. Since the sunshine state offers no individual income tax, the state has become a destination for those looking towards job creation and economic growth.  Businesses in Florida as well as many other states are have cultivated a business climate that is certain to increase the startup survival rates. 

Both job growth and population are increasing, and experts are picking this to help propel it to one of the more attractive places to do business. It also doesn’t hurt to have no state income tax nor to be called the “Sunshine State.” We look forward to funding the future growth of this great state.

There is no doubt that individual states and the cities that define them are becoming hot spots for entrepreneurs. These include the high-tech industry outside of California and tourism, to Korean BBQ fused with Mexican tacos to create the burgeoning food truck industry.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has also highlighted that not all states are created equally and some stand to be some of the worst states to start a new enterprise. From individual income state taxes with higher income tax rates to the state’s business climate index we’ve witnessed the other end of the spectrum with some of the worst states for business.

Sunwise Capital understands and appreciates the uniqueness of every business. Our foundation builds on the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this great nation a business and entrepreneurial juggernaut. Regardless if your business domiciles in South Carolina, West Virginia, South Dakota, Rhode Island, or North Carolina, we are here to get your questions answered and give you the assistance you need.

We provide a wide array of easy small business loans based on the principle that we’re driven to help the small business owner grow and expand. Our interest rates are extremely competitive along with our terms. Our relationship with SBA banks allows us to offer eligible businesses an SBA loan at extremely competitive rates and low monthly payments. Our goal is to help with the fiveyear survival rate and increase the growth rates beyond the national averages regardless of tax rates, either the individual income tax rates or the corporate tax rates. We custom design a loan program or small business loan with a great interest rate.

Our success at mastering small business loans and trying to keep the maximum rate competitive makes us one of the top ten small business lenders in the United States. Our inception came from the same frustrations most of our client’s experience. The inability to get a bank loan.

We determined that there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses that need access to fast and easy business loans. Perhaps you need an unsecured loan for your business and you have bad credit. Maybe you have a 740 FICO score and qualify for a 5-year term loan with very low rates. Either way, we can help.

We work with startup companies that hit the ground running and have promising annual revenue after six months. Business survival is key to our success. Startups survive when capital invested in these companies originate from the private sector and not Washington DC. We also work with 3rd generational 80-year-old businesses that have the grandson as CEO.

Our loans can be a simple unsecured short term loan for $10,000 to strategically putting together a longer-term strategy to acquire $600K in the next 12 months to fulfill orders for electronic companies. We provide working capital loans, term loans for those with a damaged credit score, and working capital for the borrower with strong cash flow.

Maybe you’re like a technology software company with a turnkey operation for the fitness industry with open lines of credit at your bank that recently came to us. Now you need more capital and a low interest loan from an alternative financial institution. You come to Sunwise Capital, and within 18 months we provide you with over $3M.

From the hipster crowd snaking its way along to get a taste of the latest food truck invasion to the staid maker of lumber, all these business owners share one thing in common. To grow and expand they need working capital and approved lender that will loan funds to local businesses that need assistance.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need a trustworthy and reliable business lender that looks out for the proprietor by offering assistance and a relief program with a competitive interest rate and loan term. You need direct loan financing from a lender who provides the loan proceeds quickly within hours and not months.

They need a lender that thinks out of the box just like they do. Business owners need someone that understands the daily machinations of making it work, every day and is looking for a long-term relationship. In two words that is Sunwise Capital.

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