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Checking eligibility will not affect your credit score.
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Medical Practice Loans
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Checking eligibility will not affect your credit score.
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No Cost     No Obligation     24 Hour Approvals
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Medical Practice Loans

How Doctors Grow a Business with Medical Financing

Are You Eligible for a Medical Practice Loan?

A minimum of $10,000 in monthly insurance deposits
A minimum of $10,000 of monthly gross deposits
A minimum of 12 months in business
A minimum of $10,000 in funding amount A minimum of $10,000 in funding amount

 Fast and Easy Medical Practice Loans with No Cost, No Obligation, 24 Hour Approvals and a $500 Guarantee!

Medical Practice Loans


Get $10,000 to $500K Now
Same Day Approval up to $50,000
Next Day Funding for Amounts up to $150,000!
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We say “NO” to:

Fixed terms
Fixed Payments
Closing Costs
Balance Minimums

Simple Application Process

  • Simple Application Process
  • 1-page application
  • Last 3 months of bank statements
  • Last 3 months credit card processing statements
  • Approvals in 24 Hours
  • Funding within 3 days
  • Minimum one year in business.
  • Minimum FICO score of 500.
  • Minimum gross monthly revenue of $10,000.
  • One year out of bankruptcy.
  • Subordinate to Banks, SBA, Factoring – no problem.
  • Pay off high priced loans – well take out a maximum of 3 competitors totaling $100,000. You must net 40% of the funded amount.
  • Terms of four to ten months.
  • Financing from $10,000 to $500,000.
  • Maximum of 6 NSFs per month.
  • Must receive a minimum of one insurance payment deposit per week.
  • NO personal guarantees required (unlike loans).

Who We Help

  • Home Health / Hospice / Outpatient Nursing
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Rural Hospitals
  • Optometrists
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacies

Do You Need Working Capital to Grow and Expand Your Healthcare Business?

  • Hire staff
  • Expand your office
  • Purchase equipment
  • Open a new location
  • Purchase supplies
  • Smooth out cash flow

Medical Practice Loans

The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care has had a tremendous impact on your industry like no other. Many doctors have benefited. Many doctors complain that the added rules and regulations are taking them away from their primary care – the patients.

Whether that’s the case, one thing is for sure. The ACA and the exchanges follow a rising trend toward higher out-of-pocket charges. These rules and regulations are forcing medical practices to reconsider the costs for patients. Plus, many of the small medical professionals and their medical practices are being swallowed up by the larger hospitals. To remain as a solo practice, you may need medical practice loans.

Let Sunwise Capital Advance Your Healthcare Business – Today!

How we are revolutionizing the way healthcare get access to capital.

The headlines say it all.

FORBES: Why Many Physicians Are Reluctant To See Medicaid Patients

MONEY: Doctors and hospitals ask patients to pay up before treatments

PHYSICIAN NEWS: Doctors: Getting Paid for Out-of-Network Patients Difficult

We have a non-traditional cash advance solution to relieve your cash flow challenges. Rather than taking a fixed daily, weekly or monthly repayment amount, we get repaid only when you receive payment from any of your insurance processors.

We don’t judge a healthcare business on its credit alone.

We want to hear your story. It’s important to us. We look behind the curtain to understand your challenges and this helps us make good business decisions for you.

As a healthcare professional, you have unique cash flow challenges.

Perhaps you’re looking to expand. Whether you need to cover reimbursements or payroll, we understand that it’s critical for your business’ survival.

Our specialty is understanding your challenges and providing the tools and access to capital on an ongoing basis.

Medical Practice Loans

Call 888-456-9223 to find out how much funding we can get you in three easy steps.

Unlike the banks, we need limited paperwork to get you funded in days.

Why the Need for a Medical Practice Loan?

You also have the ever-increasing advances in medical technology which evolves rapidly. As a medical professional and business owner, you already know how important it is to keep your practice on the cutting edge of technological changes.

Unfortunately, the solo practitioner or small medical practices often lack access to medical practice funding to act quickly when the need arises. Without ample cash reserves, medical funding and adequate finance solutions, business loans for doctors is your only option.

Here is the challenge. Securing a business loan from a bank or other traditional lender is difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Financing for doctors in today’s marketplace is no different than any other industry.

Medical Practice Loans

How to Grow a Medical Practice in 2018 and Beyond

Sunwise Capital provides medical practice and physician loans. We specialize in providing fast, easy, affordable business finance options for medical professionals.

Regardless of why you need financing, we have you covered.


Are your loan requests being turned down by traditional lenders like the banks and credit unions? Odds are the bank did not approve your business loan. The loan turndown could be for any number of reasons.
Unfortunately, banks these days have stringent requirements that eliminate most small businesses from ever qualifying. Even established practices.
It’s more than likely that you will not get a decision quickly, either. It can take weeks or even months.
Unfortunately, by that time, that great opportunity will have passed, your bills will be even more behind, or you will have failed to meet other crucial business goals.
The prescription for your growth and expansion is to consider alternative loans from Sunwise Capital. You will find that we fully understand your daily challenges and can help.

Medical Business Loans Customized for You

As one of the top ten alternative lenders nationally, we can assist your practice with:

One of the main reasons that small businesses struggle with traditional business loans, in general, is because the bank terms are set in stone. Rather than the loan terms accommodating small companies, small businesses must accommodate such loans. This old school or traditional way of lending is not a recipe for success nor is it a viable financing option.

The way Sunwise Capital sees it, all business loans for medical professionals should be designed with your specific needs in mind. Many business loans are available in terms ranging from one to five years and in daily, weekly or monthly payment plans.
Loan amounts range from $10,0000 to $60M. We have fixed rates starting at 0% and can work with a credit score of 500 plus.

According to a CNN report, there is a looming and increasingly growing epidemic that is silently wiping out the medical profession. The steady drip, drip, drip, of declining Medicare reimbursements, is causing untold harm across the nation. Doctors are increasingly going into debt to manage their cash flow and keep their practices afloat.


To get the truth about startup business loans visit startup business loans.


Once you have six months to one year under your belt, there is a wide range of financing options and business loans. We have highly competitive loan terms with a simple application process. Minimum gross revenues should exceed $150,000.


As one of the top SBA lenders, you can find a low rate and long term SBA loans for your medical practice. This funding solution includes commercial real estate loans. You can also use these loans for business equipment or debt consolidation as well.


Whether your needs are for financing a commercial real estate, refinancing your existing practice’s debt, growth and expansion, working capital, or business lines of credit, Sunwise Capital is uniquely positioned to help you navigate the loan process. You will work directly with an underwriter who is a dedicated loan professional.


Another area in which Sunwise Capital outshines the banks and traditional lenders is that the money can be used for any business purpose. We believe you have both the knowledge and tools to be successful. The only thing often missing is either the money for working capital or the medical equipment financing. Take advantage of special tax savings through the acquisition of medical equipment. Financing equipment enables you to retain more of your available cash. Using this finance option means you have more financial flexibility using equipment leasing and now the free money is available in other parts of your business. Whether you finance or lease new or pre-owned business equipment, you can enjoy the improved operational efficiencies without a raking up additional credit card practice debt or drain your bank accounts. Fortunately, there are virtually no limits on the types of new or pre-owned equipment, so the choice is yours.

We know there are many medical equipment finance companies out there, but none of them comes close to matching Sunwise Capital regarding convenience, speed, and affordability. By applying for financing with us, you skip the hassle of visiting a bank in person and having to go through a massive application process.

Another great benefit is that you don’t have to put your personal credit or assets on the line. You can also breathe easy knowing that if you find the same loan with a better rate elsewhere, we’ll beat the rate or pay you $500. Apply for a medical business loan from Sunwise Capital today.

Medical Practice Loans

Work with Sunwise Capital Professionals

You’ve worked hard to get here. We respect that. You deserve the fruits of your labor.

Our team is made up of all former small business owners, so we know how it is. In fact, both co-owners previously worked as a Hospital Administrator and a Marketing Director for Hospitals. Whether you’re looking for medical working capital, need to hire more employees, need to make payroll or have other pressing business concerns, you can count on us for fast, convenient, affordable small business loans every time.

Here is what you can expect:

  1. We put your satisfaction first
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Medical Practice Loans

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