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8 Questions You Must Ask to Get a Small Business Loan in 2023


Maybe you? Here are the 8 questions you must ask to get a small business loan (Plus 3 bonus questions).

The first three questions are:

#1 Why are you in business?

#2 What are you looking for?

#3 What is your vision?

Imagine what it would be like to be able to send your kids to any college because you have your business growing and expanding. Or just picture being able to drive the ideal car down the road, having the dream house, traveling more with your family, or just having a worry-free retirement.

#4 Is this a lifestyle that you would like?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading!

If you are already in business, wanting to start a business, or looking for business opportunities with your business ideas, you probably already know the importance of business funding. And you know the value of being able to get your hands on small business loans. You need to start and GROW your business. Unfortunately, getting quick business loans is a MAJOR roadblock for many business owners. You know the value of getting your hands on the types of loans that are personal and business small business loans. You need to start and GROW your business. The question is how to get a business lending firm to work with you.

Unfortunately, financing your business with quick business loans or commercial loans is a MAJOR roadblock for many business owners. Perhaps you’ve already had a loan application denied by the bank. Many business owners, in fact, have their financing requests turned down repeatedly! So, you know what you need. But like so many others, what you might NOT know is …

How Do I Get a Small Business Loan?

Statistically, the single greatest challenge facing small business owners is getting your hands on sufficient startup business loans and capital cash loans, and additional financing for ongoing operational expenses and growth. And that’s where Sunwise Capital can help. As you’re reading this, you can begin to understand both the challenges and the opportunities for securing loans for small businesses and other funding options… as well as how to pick your way through the maze of online lenders most efficiently.

Statistically, the single greatest challenge facing small business owners is getting your hands on sufficient startup business loans, a line of credit, or capital loan, and then additional financing for ongoing operational expenses and growth. It may come as no surprise that a primary reason for over 50% of small businesses failing in their first three years is …


In other words, the business owners and entrepreneurs have inadequate access to easy business loans to get the funding so critical to running and building their business. And the reason for this is: No one has taught them business finance and then how to work outside traditional banking … and then how to leverage this knowledge into the financing every business owner so desperately needs.…and make no mistake about it, if you don’t already have a need for financing the day will come when you do!

The days of simple bank loans are over! Will you be ready? The biggest mistake business owners make is starting and building their businesses entirely by leveraging their personal credit score.

Personal credit, of course, can only go so far.

Tip: Know your personal and business credit profile.

And the result is usually a credit crisis that can knock you flat on your back and out of the small business loan game before you even get rolling. Where do you turn for solid business advice? What does it take to get a small business loan? That’s why we developed our business loan program: To share with you the information you need to know about getting a loan entirely independent of your personal credit so that you can support the startup, growth, and expansion needs of your business … all with no risk to your credit standing.

Whether it’s a merchant cash advance or high risk business loans for bad credit guaranteed we have a program for you. We answer the question, “What does it take to get a small business loan with bad credit?”

Do you want to know another common misstep by entrepreneurs? This error is like stepping in quicksand. Once you make that fatal step, it’s a slow sinking process that eventually smothers you. Innocently enough, most entrepreneurs begin like this; they scrape together the money they have from savings, IRA’s, 401K’s, and personal loans from friends and family. This money goes directly into their business bank account.


Believe it or not, depositing the money directly into your business bank account is a HUGE mistake. A HUGE MISTAKE! Speak to one of our highly trained small business loan advisors. Do yourself a favor so they can help you avoid this terrible blunder and many other small business and financing mistakes. We will make sure that your business has access to funding – the right way.

It may be an easy business loan or a merchant cash advance. Either way, you will have access to one of our loan programs specially designed for you. Whether it’s a business loan with bad credit or our term loans, we will make sure it helps you achieve your dream.

One of the things we’ve learned in helping over 50,000 businesses get the loans they need is this: Most business owners are busy. You are so involved in the day-to-day operations of your business; you just don’t get around to planning time to zero in on your company’s financial planning and future.

You may have a strong business. Then, when you need business funding or a longterm loan, suddenly you realize you won’t be able as you have no plan. Needless to say, you soon suffer the consequences. We’d rather you not suffer that fate. And that is how we’ve become one of the BEST alternative lenders in the country that supports you in accessing working capital and then maximizing it to get the cash loans you need to grow your business.

Due to the unprecedented level of trust we have with businesses across America, we’re a top business loan lender providing direct access to cash loans and SBA loans. No one else in the industry has this type of working relationship with business owners and the capital markets. Our company’s primary objective is always making sure you are successful in this process … doing it in the shortest time … and ensuring you end up with the best business loan suited for you.

There are many business lenders out there, however, those that are out there are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge from the public regarding business loans and how to get a business loan.


I’m going to try to show how to get unlimited working capital for your business. These are business loans that don’t require risking your personal assets, lowering your credit score, or damaging your credit history. Sunwise Capital works with successful small business owners and entrepreneurs every day. We believe that every successful business starts with an owner that possesses the three core tenets of success.

Tenet number one is that you must have great vision. Hand in hand with the concept is you must have the knowledge to execute your business plans.

Next, you need perseverance. Included in this drive, you must have the proper tools to build that dream. While some might debate the first two tenets, everyone agrees on the last one.

CAPITAL You cannot succeed without it. Your vision might be a little blurry. You may be missing some knowledge or the tools to be successful. None of that matters if you do not have access to the capital necessary to operate your business.

All businesses need access to money. Whether you self-fund your business or look to a bank or alternative lender, you need the capital to finance your growth. Our experience with clients and the data and statistics show an incredible 25% to 200% increase in revenue within 90 days of taking a small business loan from us.

Working with Sunwise Capital makes all the difference! Together, our advisors, underwriting team, and loan processors ensure that you get the best small business loans. These loans are with the longest terms and lowest percentage rates. The best business advice we can give is to encourage you to start today because even as easy as it is getting the capital you need, it can take time.

Our approvals only take twenty-four hours, and we can fund the next day. Remember, the sooner you start the process, the sooner you’ll find the financing you need for your business to be successful. Our objective is simple: We want all our business partners like you to grow and succeed, and never become one of those failure statistics.

Of course, we realize you may be unsure of just how much money you need. And that’s why we’re inviting you to take advantage of our specialist to help you. Take advantage of our no-cost, no-obligation business loan application to get pre-qualified and see how much you can get to help your situation. When you’re expecting your business to be the vehicle for achieving your financial security and lifestyle goals, you need to understand that adequate financing is the fuel that gets you there.

Most business owners begin their journey with an almost empty tank and no plans for filling up! The choice is clearly yours: You can either prepare for the trip now … or wind up stuck, sitting on the side of the road.

Watching every business opportunity pass you by is not the way to run a business.

Don’t be a business that made the choice to watch opportunity pass them by.

There are simply too many business owners who seek out alternative lending companies that are not happy with the results. Before choosing another company, if you ask these additional questions you will be assured that you will be working with a legitimate company that can help you get the small business loan you seek.

Getting that business loan is after all what you’re looking for, isn’t it? Why is it so important to work with a knowledgeable team of advisors? It’s simple. Straightforward, no BS advice. Who has time to get the runaround? We don’t and we certainly know you don’t. We respect your time and give you all the facts.

Then we’ll help you make a good business decision.

Why can’t you do it on your own? There are a few proven step-by-step processes that MUST be followed if you plan on getting working capital. If you don’t follow the proven process then you can be put into the “High Risk Business Loan” category. When that happens, no lending institution will even give you a merchant cash advance.

In fact, no lender will give you a small business loan, and there is nothing you can do about it. Make sure you choose an honest and transparent company. The company must have the knowledge, experience, and proven systems to support you. Before you decide whom, you will work with, make sure to ask them these vital questions.

#5 Will I be obtaining a business loan with or without personal guarantees?

The difference is usually the interest rates charged, the length of the term, and the payment schedule. This is credit-driven. The lower interest rate loans require both a high credit score and a personal guarantee. If you have bad credit and need a payroll loan, inventory loans, accounts payable, or only some working capital to cover business expenses or expand your company you can get this with an unsecured business loan. They are typically not guaranteed personally. Nontraditional lenders or alternative lenders will still be checking your personal credit in the loan process (although it may be a ‘soft” pull) and need your social security number. They do this to stay in banking compliance.

#6 Will you have the patience to teach me the difference between a merchant cash advance or the other business loan options?

My guess is that if you wanted to figure out the intricacies of different loan options on your own … you would have already done so. (I’ve done it. And believe me … this is NOT stuff you want to muddle through on your own.) The rhetorical question is whether the company truly has your best interest in mind or is it just to sling as much you know what against the wall to see what sticks.

Do they talk to you or are they always just trying to sell, sell, sell? Working with the professionals at Sunwise Capital typically results in a predictable successful outcome. We will spell out each step for securing business loans with or without traditional personal guarantees in crystal clear detail to help you make the best decision for your company.

#7 If I get stuck while I’m taking all those necessary steps, will I have to pay you hundreds or even thousands to help me figure it out?

We know many companies charge fees upfront and continue to tack on additional charges. Make sure they deliver everything you need to know to secure a bad credit business loan, merchant cash advance, or high-risk business loans, all without the traditional personal guarantee and lots of extra fees. At Sunwise Capital we cut out the salesperson. We make sure you will have access to a single dedicated underwriter who places no limits on how often you can speak with them.

#8 What type of paperwork is required?

Beware of companies that say it is not required to furnish any paperwork. Are you looking for larger loan amounts or loans with low interest rates? If so, you will need to provide financial statements, business tax returns, bank statements, and other evidence of your business’s success to obtain a small business loan without a traditional personal guarantee.

If you are looking at the SBA loan as an option you must be prepared for a lot of paperwork. When we say a lot of paperwork we mean A LOT OF PAPERWORK. Even those loans that require the personal guarantee may require even more paperwork since they are offering more money at lower rates, etc. This is not dissimilar to the bank. Getting approvals for a merchant cash advance without a traditional personal guarantee means you will need to show that your company is financially responsible.

You can do this by showing it earns revenue, pays its bills on time, and has established good business credit. If the company tells you that you can obtain this type of financing without providing any real documents, don’t bother working with them, they are not being honest.

Think about it, is a lender really going to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars without a traditional personal guarantee and without you having to show them that you are a “safe-risk?”

BONUS QUESTION #9 How are the sales reps paid?

Question #9 is an important issue! How would you like to work with someone that is motivated only by a commission? Why work with someone who could care less if you get the best business loan for your business? Think about it!

BONUS QUESTION #10 When it comes time to apply for a business loan, are you going to pass me off from lender to lender?

This question is a great one. Many lenders will when it is time to apply for a business loan, pass you off to one lender after another. They end up sending your application on a wild goose chase and just hope that one of the non-traditional lenders can obtain capital loans for you. Did you ever wonder why you apply with one firm and then get bombarded by telephone calls by everyone else, sometimes only minutes later?

Does this sound like something you need? You can simply go to Sunwise Capital one of the best small business lenders. One-stop. One call. One-on-one personal service all the way through the process.

What is a Business Loan Broker?

A Business Loan Broker (Commercial Loan Broker) aids small business owners by arranging capital through a network of business financing products and lenders and funders with whom the business loan broker has a relationship. Small business loan brokers assess the needs of small business owners and then offer financial solutions to suit those needs. Company loan brokers frequently receive fees from the recommending source (lender or funder) and do not charge fees upfront or at the time of financing or closure from their client, the small company owner.

Do business loan brokers specialize in specific types of business financing?

Every commercial loan business broker represents different business loan goods and services that they provide, so find out what types of financing products the loan broker offers upfront to determine whether they’re varied enough to provide small business owners with the greatest loan options available.

Sunwise Capital offers all of the lending products that a company loan broker might, plus much more. It’s vital to choose the best financing option for the job, just as it is with any loan.

It’s critical that you submit an application for small business funding. As a result, we start each one with a complimentary consultation. You can rely on us. All of your information will be kept private and secure.

After nearly two decades in the investment banking and lending industry, we help business clients acquire loans at the best rate and terms available, saving them on average 0.5 percent to 2% on interest rates and up to 1% on bank origination fees. Hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, are saved each month and year as a result of this.

We use our ties with senior and executive bankers, as well as private lenders, to our advantage. We help you secure terms sheets and then work with you and the financing source to finish the approval process, commitment letter, and loan closing. We review all of your loan paperwork to ensure you’re not agreeing to any harsh prepayment penalties or one-sided loan default clauses. Finally, we smooth out what may have been a bumpy loan procedure.

What’s the Difference Between a Business Loan Broker and a Direct Business Lender?

A direct lender is a corporation that makes payments for specific things and processes, funds, and services them. Business loan brokers introduce clients to direct lenders and funders, but they do not fund or manage credit products directly.

Dealing with a Loan Broker is preferable to dealing with a Direct Business Lender because they can compare business loan products in the marketplace that meet your needs. In contrast, a Direct Business Lender will only underwrite and fund their own loan products, ignoring any other loan financing options available in the marketplace. Many lenders have no obligation to present you with the best loan option for your specific financial situation.

The value of a loan broker is determined by the knowledge, product diversity, and relationships that a company has in the financing industry.

BONUS QUESTION #11 What kind of a guarantee do you offer?”

It’s critical to get the specifics about guarantees. Because most companies do not offer guarantees or promises. Sunwise Capital has a $500 Guarantee. Click here to read the details. Hopefully, these 11 questions will help ensure that you work with a small business lender that will be honest and upfront and help you leverage your cash flow into small business loans and new opportunities for your business.

We not only help you get the loan, but we also give you advice on how to invest the money in your business to maximize profits.

We will assist you in securing a loan at the best possible rate and terms. We’ll help you through the application process, ensure that you’re approved, and provide tried-and-true financial strategies for putting the funds to work in your business.

As finance professionals, we can help you find hidden cash flow and working capital. We’ll also advise you on how to spend your money wisely depending on your individual needs and business goals.

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Mark J. Kane, Founder & CEO of Sunwise Capital, is a distinguished entrepreneur with over 16 years in business financing. Beginning as a psychologist, he quickly became a trailblazing Hospital Administrator. Mark has built multiple ventures, notably accelerating a startup to $18M within months. His transition to Sunwise Capital stems from a deep-seated desire to empower business owners with strategic financial solutions. Recognized for his expertise, Mark's leadership at Sunwise Capital reflects his commitment to fostering business growth and success. Click the link to read more about the author.

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