If you bring us a contract with a better offer, we guarantee to either beat that rate or pay you $500.

Looking for a career?

Looking for a career


We are currently looking for Sales Representatives to join our very successful internal sales team!


Build Your Career With Us

We are looking for MOTIVATED, SELF-STARTING, WELL ORGANIZED, TEAM PLAYERS (with no more than 10 years of work experience).
The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills and an outgoing personality. We seek someone who is committed to learning and growth.

Sunwise Capital is one of the fastest-growing and trusted providers of Small Business Loans. Share in our success by servicing a critical business need with estimated market size of over 18.3 Million small businesses.

Sunwise Capital is building its internal sales network offering our proven small business loans. Our training program provides a proven selling system including extensive sales training, marketing tools to successfully sell our proven lending program to business prospects and customers; meanwhile, we take care of delivering everything else ensuring customer success.

Why is it a perfect time for you to offer our loan program to business owners?
  • Nearly all businesses need additional funding and a method to access capital without damaging personal credit.
  • 92% of all business owners think about getting access to capital at least once per year.
  • The average business owner spends almost 29 hours and must visit 2.8 banks to try to get bank approval.

What Makes Good Sunwise Capital Executive?

Sunwise Capital allows you to tap into the fast-growing small business loan market. Regardless of your sales experience, our proven system will assure your success.

  • Qualities and Characteristics We Respect: Motivated, independent, honest, integrity, loyal, articulate, communicative, sense of humor, organized, efficient, punctual, confident, firm, decisive, non-judgmental, polite, pleasant, conscientious, practical, spontaneous, thorough, diligent, intelligent, mature, problem solver, compassionate, good listener, attentive, patient, disciplined, thoughtful, flexible, multi-task.
  • Skills & Experience Required:
    • Strong MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
    • General Computer and Internet Skills
    • Strong Written & Verbal Communication Skills
  • Functions:
    • Cold Calling
    • Keep CRM organized and up to date.
    • Assist in onboarding new business owners.
    • Customer Follow Up & Relationship Building

As a Sales Representative with our company, your focus is to close new small business loans. Our ideal candidate will conduct cold and warm calls, follow-up activities with potential clients via the telephone, make telephone sales presentations, and consistently maintain high sales activities.

This position pays base salary and ongoing commissions paid weekly.

First-year earnings projected at $50,000 – $92,000! Advancement opportunities.

Bachelor’s degree preferred high school minimum. Experience MAXIMUM WORK EXPERIENCE OF 10 YEARS. Military experience looked highly upon.


Maximum of 10 years of work experience.

Must have abilities gained through experience such as:

Proven ability to close business for services. CLOSERS ONLY

  • Proven ability to make cold calls and to establish the appropriate contact.
  • Proven ability to connect and talk with business owners.
  • Proven ability to understand customer needs and translate into “best fitting” offering or product.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Outlook and Internet
  • High level of ambition, integrity and respect for others. Must be hungry!
  • MUST be good with numbers.
  • Punctuality and strong work ethic – NO EXCUSES

Must be aggressive, high energy and willing to do what it takes to become successful.

NO PHONE calls.

Unlimited Earning Potential

If you’re looking to make the kind of money you used to make (or wish you could make) then we have the solution for you! As a Sunwise Capital Funding Advisor you will be providing businesses with critical access to cash, up to $2M. In an emergency or shortfall, most business owners can’t afford to wait for banks, because they require large amounts of paperwork, financials, tax returns, personal guarantees, collateral and excellent credit. Traditional funding could take weeks, even months to secure, while we provide 24 to 48 hour approvals and funding in as little as one day.

Virtually every small business is a potential client, and you’ll earn commissions weekly. You are in complete control of the income you generate as a Sunwise Capital Funding Advisor.

As a direct lender we provide businesses with immediate access to cash, up to $2M, without a traditional personal guarantee and have 95% approval rate on qualified businesses, to help them grow and expand or to meet those unexpected expenses.

It’s no secret that access to cash is limited or impossible to get and banks are not very accommodating or responsive. Business owners have become discouraged with banks and alternative financing companies and in most cases have abandoned the idea and process.

So become a Sunwise Capital Funding Advisor today and provide our business prospects with the money they need while you earn unlimited income. As a Sunwise Capital Funding Advisor, you will quickly find that this is the most lucrative opportunity you have ever had.

We provide a source of financing for small and mid-size business owners.

While some financing options are well known to business owners, others are not. One of the tasks, therefore, of industry lenders is to educate small and midsize business owners regarding their options if and when the banks say NO! One of the primary sources of such education is a small community of highly specialized industry consultants known as Sunwise Capital Funding Advisors.

We provide financing alternatives for businesses that, for one reason or another, cannot access a typical bank loan. In some cases, this is due to the poor credit of the business owner. In others, the business simply has not been in existence long enough to have any true credit history. For whatever reason, the business is “cash-starved” and unable to grow or even operate efficiently without the assistance of an alternative finance source.

The Role of Sunwise Capital Funding Advisor

The necessity of a well-trained Sunwise Capital Funding Advisor is of critical importance. Similar to lending officers in banking, Sunwise Capital Funding Advisors, are charged with the task of introducing new clients to
 our lending program. Productive Funding Advisors are highly prized in the industry and compensated accordingly. As opposed to a typical bank-lending officer, it is not unusual for you to earn well over six figures annually. The training is accomplished with hands-on training from the CEO and President of the company. Request more info to find out what the entire buzz is about…

Send resume to [email protected]