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Checking eligibility will not affect your credit score.
No Cost     No Obligation     24 Hour Approvals
Fast Loans
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Checking eligibility will not affect your credit score.
No Cost     No Obligation     24 Hour Approvals
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Fast Loans

Are You Eligible for our Fast Loans?


Our minimum qualification are less than those of banks. We’re focused on getting you approved so your business can thrive with a small business loan.


Fast loans are the secret ingredient to business success. Everyone knows that getting a same day short term loan or line of credit from the bank or credit unions today is virtually impossible, especially if you need quick cash for your business and you don’t want a personal loan.

The most typical fast loans are cash advance loans also known as cash advances or merchant cash advances. These are technically not business loans. The merchant cash advance also provides an excellent option for those with bad consumer credit.

A merchant cash advance is nothing more than an agreement to sell your future receivables at a discount for cash today. Many times, you’ll hear these called loans for bad credit.

Running a small business is very rewarding. It’s also very stressful. That’s especially true when you urgently need cash fast and don’t have time to wait for a traditional bank business loan, which can take as long as 90 days. We offer a longterm
financial solution with a quick and easy application process.

 Fast Loans

Don’t Just Survive – Explode Your Business

Once you’ve tried our convenient, streamlined loan process, you’ll never bother with banks and big lenders again. Responsible lending at Sunwise Capital means helping you grow and invest in your business. It’s what makes us a top 10 loan lender.

Need an emergency business loan right now?

We can help

You don’t always have the luxury of waiting around for the cash that you need. Every day, small businesses go under just because they can’t access money for things like taxes, payroll, inventory and other needs promptly.

Thanks to Sunwise Capital, the days of waiting weeks for a business loan are over. If you need a loan quick in just one to two working days, we can supply you with a fast business loan that suits your needs to a “T.”

How Fast Cash Loans Work?

Getting fast business loans from Sunwise Capital is quick and easy.

When your financial situation demands emergency loans for your business today, we provide an online application process that’s fast and secure. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Sunwise Capital uses a proprietary process for our quick loans. We take more than 200 individual business data points into consideration while banks and big lenders usually place most of the emphasis on personal creditworthiness and your credit reports.

This underwriting process means we see you as more than a credit score. Good credit or bad credit, our installment loans can work with you. In fact, we specialize in bad credit loans.

 Fast Loans

You can find out which business loans you qualify quickly and easily and with absolutely no cost or obligation. Plus, our short term loans are at very competitive interest rates.

If any of the available loan options don’t make sense to you, there is no cost or obligation.

How Fast Can I Get a Loan from Sunwise Capital?

Our streamlined application enables us to approve our online loans with an instant decision once the paperwork is submitted. Most instant loans approvals are same business day or within 24 hours.

You could be approved to receive a fast cash loan within twenty-four hours or sooner. As a direct lender, we make our policy terms customized for your business and cash flow.

What’s the Minimum and Maximum Amount I Can Get from Sunwise Capital’s Quick Cash Loans?

  • Minimum loan amount is $10,000
  • Same day business loans up to $50K
  • Next day funding up to $150K
  • Need more money? We go up to $5M.

What are the Requirements to Get a Same Day Loan from Sunwise Capital?

  • One page application
  • The last three months of your most recent business bank statements
  • No startups
  • Must be in business six months with increasing revenue
  • No open bankruptcies
  • FICO 450 or better – bad credit ok

Even if you have dinged up credit score and no collateral or assets you can get approved. If your business is at least six months old and your revenue is about $15,000 a month, you can get funded today.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Easy online application process CLICK HERE for our online form
  • No costs and no obligation
  • No hidden fees
  • Our credit checks can be a soft pull
  • We do not report to the personal credit bureaus
  • We do report to the business credit bureaus
  • Instant Loans that are UNSECURED – No assets or collateral required
  • Fast Business Funding with BAD CREDIT or customers with credit difficulties

Whether you are looking for fast cash in a short term loan or a long term financial solution, Sunwise Capital provides you with both types of loans.

Repaying Your Loan

Sunwise Capital’s fast loans mean just that. We can have your complete loan approval back to you the same day and the money in your bank account in just 24 to 48 hours.

Compared to conventional loans from commercial banking it can take several weeks (or months!) to get approved and funded.

FAST LOANS from SUNWISE CAPITAL means: Shorter terms than traditional bank lending 6 – 18 months (24 – 60 months available) Money in minutes to just a few hours after final approval

To repay the loan depends on the health of your business and cash flow. Payments are made each day you batch your credit card receipts with our cash advances.

Our installment loans get repaid with daily, weekly or monthly payments.

Pros and Cons of Fast Loans


That’s why they call it Fast Small Business Loans!
No Cost & No Obligation

 Fast Loans


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