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We help small businesses every day. Our customers come from nearly 700 different industries.

Sunwise Capital Small Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances are Designed to Help Grow Your Business.

Why pay higher interest rates or be forced to use collateral? Sunwise Capital offers a range of products and programs ranging from unsecured loans to invoice financing, SBA loan, PPP loan, all with a minimum credit score of 500 or better.

Whether you have unpaid invoices, need a business line, or working capital, we design our programs to fit your immediate and long-term needs. Unlike banking institutions, we are business people that understand bad credit. We can work with a small company generating $200K in annual revenue, to larger companies looking for a high credit limit unsecured line or a way to work off debt with a competitive interest rate.

We can secure startup loans for owners with solid credit with a business credit card using it as a credit line, typically starting at 0% for six to twelve months. Even newer companies can get invoice factoring from one of our lender partners.

We have an easy online application and can fund your business in the next twenty-four hours.

Whether you’re looking at business expansion, buying inventory at a discount, or need help with cash flow making payroll, we can help.

At Sunwise Capital, a small business loan is not contingent on your personal credit score exclusively. We look at the whole picture, especially the health of your business.

As a loan provider, all we need is our one-page loan application, the last three months of business bank statements, and your annual revenue (for more significant loan amounts, we may need the first page of your business tax returns).

We can approve your small company loan application within one business day and present you with loan amounts that are usually 10% to up to twenty percent of your annual gross revenue. Payments are daily, weekly, or monthly, with loan terms ranging from six months to five years.

Fund your business today!

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Nothing Says, “Thank You” Like A Written Review From A Happy Customer.

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