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Sunwise Capital Launches Elite Partnership Program for B2B Growth



“Rooted in over 14 years of expertise, Sunwise Capital is passionate about forging partnerships that redefine business lending, emphasizing trust, innovation, and a shared path to success.”

Mark Kane, CEO


BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sunwise Capital announces the launch of an exclusive partnership program tailored for the dynamic B2B sector, available through Impact.com. This initiative is aimed at business advisors and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their offerings with innovative business loan solutions, driving growth and profitability in a competitive business environment.

Sunwise Capital has been a leader in the small business lending sector for over 14 years, pioneering its affiliate program in 2013—when the concept of affiliate partnerships in lending was almost unheard of—it grew to include over 6,000 affiliates, establishing a benchmark in the industry. Unlike traditional revenue avenues, this platform is designed as a mutual growth opportunity benefiting both businesses and advisors.

Key Advantages of the Sunwise Capital Partnership Program:

Tailored Financial Products:

The program offers a wide range of financial solutions, including merchant cash advances and lines of credit, to meet the diverse needs of businesses across different sectors. With loans ranging from $10,000 to $2 million, it supports companies at various stages of growth.

Efficient Process:

The program manages all aspects of the loan process, from initial application to final approval, allowing partners to focus on their primary business objectives.

Exclusive Tools and Resources:

Partners gain access to advanced tools and resources, enhancing their ability to develop and implement successful business strategies.

Competitive Commissions:

A rewarding commission structure reflects the commitment to partners’ prosperity, rewarding their efforts and success.

Personalized Support:

A dedicated team offers tailored guidance and insights, ensuring partners have the support they need to succeed.

Expanded Offerings:

The diversity of lending products allows partners to broaden their service portfolios, catering to a wide range of client financial needs.

Mutual Growth:

The program is committed to the success of its partners, leading to significant growth as clients benefit from customized financial solutions.

Trust and Excellence:

Outstanding Trustpilot reviews evidence of Sunwise Capital’s commitment to providing reliable and exceptional service. These testimonials from satisfied customers underscore the dedication to excellence in business financing, enhancing the credibility of business referrals. The ability to consistently meet and exceed client expectations showcases the positive impact of the services on customer satisfaction and success.

The Partnership Experience:

The Sunwise Capital partnership program offers a comprehensive support system to enhance business offerings. It includes streamlined integration, marketing support, in-depth product knowledge, and advanced analytics, preparing partners to leverage financial solutions effectively.

Who Can Benefit?

The program is designed for a broad spectrum of professionals within the financial and business sectors, including business consultants, B2B entrepreneurs, and niche market professionals. It aims to establish connections with individuals dedicated to mutual growth and success.

Mission and Invitation:

Sunwise Capital is stepping into the future of B2B financing, empowering small businesses that drive innovation and progress. For more details about forming a partnership with Sunwise Capital, visit https://sunwisecapital.com/partners.

Sunwise Capital’s approach aims to redefine business lending and support the growth of the small business community across the United States, offering a pathway to financial success and stability.

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Mark 7

Mark J. Kane, Founder & CEO of Sunwise Capital, is a distinguished entrepreneur with over 16 years in business financing. Beginning as a psychologist, he quickly became a trailblazing Hospital Administrator. Mark has built multiple ventures, notably accelerating a startup to $18M within months. His transition to Sunwise Capital stems from a deep-seated desire to empower business owners with strategic financial solutions. Recognized for his expertise, Mark's leadership at Sunwise Capital reflects his commitment to fostering business growth and success. Click the link to read more about the author.

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