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Bad Economy Hangover and Working Capital

How a Bad Economy Affects Working Capital


We are all aware that banks are not lending and that gaining access to working capital loans is virtually impossible at traditional lending institutions.

Did you know that the financial market meltdown, recession, and the credit crisis created incredible opportunities for businesses across America in 2017 and beyond?

Would you believe me if I told you that securing a working capital loan to take advantage of those opportunities is quicker and easier now than at any time over the past ten years?

No need for business plans, a list of current assets and current financial ratios. Get the amount of working capital you need today without detailed income statements and picture perfect financial health.


Let me ask you this.

Why do business owners across America still believe that the current state of the economy makes it difficult for them to qualify for a small business loan?

We believe it’s because of three things.




Businesses in America Are Hurting…

Businesses in America 3 out of 5 do NOT Survive, so

What Separates Success from Failure?


Here are the Cold hard facts.


Business Owners say the following.

They have:

  • No money
  • No funding – Banks are NOT lending
  • Don’t know where to go
  • Low cash flow
  • Poor personal credit
  • Squeezed personal credit limits
  • Can’t grow their business


Totally STRESSED out – looking for Peace of Mind!

Millions upon millions of small businesses admittedly are not capital management pros and cannot access working capital they need. The statistics don’t lie. No need to calculate working capital or capital ratios. The figures below are from 2006 when the economy and capital cycle was good.

The fact is this problem always exists with very few business owners knowing what to do.

Business owners are pretty good at running and managing their business, not securing the capital for it.

There are more than 24 million small businesses in America. (1)
Each year more than 10 million seek funding. (1)
Each year more than 7 million do not receive it. (1)
Credit Cards and Credit Lines – “Banks will pull $2.7 Trillion in outstanding credit lines by the end of this year.” (2)

(1) Source: White House Small Business Agenda, National Small Business Association – businesses less than $3 million in revenue
(2) Source: Meredith Whitney Advisory Group

There are business capital loan lenders, private investors, and investment firms that can approve most of the loans that traditional banks turn down.

Why Now?

Wall Street Journal Reports June 6, 2011:
“Capital Still Tight for Small Firms: Small businesses are eager to grow. But can they get the capital to do so?” Did you know that 95% of all small to mid-sized business applications are declined by banks and other traditional lenders because of lack of hard assets, poor credit or insufficient operating time?

According to Harvard Business School:
The average business owners spend almost 28 hours preparing the paperwork for a bank loan. The average business must go to 2.8 banks before getting approved.

USA Today on July 28, 2011:
“According to a study by Pepperdine University (in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.), in the last six months, only 17% of companies with less than $5 million in revenue got their loans…But if you think it’s been tough the last couple of years, just wait.” Did you know that these same small to mid-sized business applications that are rejected by banks and other institutions because of lack of hard assets, poor credit or insufficient operating time can get a loan up to $2,000,000.00 with Sunwise Capital?

Inc. Magazine states:
“the bigger problem many entrepreneurs may have is that their personal finances are commingled with the business… It’s obviously going to be more difficult and small businesses are going to have to look more broadly for financing.” Having access to working capital or cash is critical for every business owner. It can mean the difference between remaining in business or closing your doors!

Client success stories

You don’t have to be a corporate finance major to succeed.

Miami, FL Cell Phone Stores Maxed Out Credit Lines. No Problem!

Six cellular phone store in Hollywood and Miami Florida needs inventory financing. They tell us they need business loans fast. He needs quick business funding. Customer pays all business
debts on or before due date.

Our client was in a bind. Before calling us, the owner used his AMEX to purchase his inventory. His AMEX is for inventory finance. Every month he bought $60K in stock on his card. Many
business owners use this type of inventory management to maintain their best working capital position without taking on long term debt for the needed shortterm debt.

The cell phones sold quickly, well before the payment is due. Unfortunately, the owner tries to make a purchase, and they decline it. The reason. Blah, blah, blah. AMEX is cutting lines of credit limits.

He is cut down to $30,000. State of the economy. Next month he buys his $30,000, and you guessed it. Declined, again. Now he’s down to $15K, and that can put him out of business.

With personal credit cards and home equity line tapped out, and now poor credit, he had nowhere else to turn. He was thrilled to get the money.

His capital requirement is $60,000 Capital loan approval for $80,000!!

“Now I’ll be able to buy more inventory and be ready for the Holiday season ahead. I’m also thinking of renovating my store and will need the money later on.”

Rodolfo Stein
Aventura, FL

Working Capital Loans for Restaurants – $50,000 for sushi kitchen!

This small sushi restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii needed the money to expand and build a bigger kitchen. The owner and chef mentioned that the restaurant equipment costs were just under $50K. The bank declined him. He just needed to improve his companys working capital to have the shortterm liquidity to get his equipment.

Mr. Ray’s response. “I like that as soon as I start paying it back, I have more available for my business. I also love that I got my business lines of credit without personal guarantees. Totally in the restaurant’s name. Not only do I now have the money to expand my business, but I also have money when I’m done to advertise.”

Don Ray

Like the Chicago Cubs, small Chicago, Illinois restaurant and bar wins big with easy business loan!

This Wrigleyville neighborhood business owner is shopping for the best small business loan with fair credit. His FICO score is 630. He came to us with an outstanding loan balance of $24,000. He paid just about fifty percent of the previous cash advance.

As a rule of thumb, small business lenders require that you borrow two times your outstanding balance. In this case that’s $48,000. The challenge is that the proprietor only needed $10,000 of net working capital. We told him that we would lend him $34,000 so he will net his $10K. We noticed he had high cash flow and keeps an average daily bank balance of over $3,000.

The result is an offer of $51,000. We pay off the balance. The restaurant owner gets a simple interest loan. This capital finance offer is for 12 months with a weekly payment of $1,153 or a daily of $238.

The best part is an APR (all interest and fees) of 8.33% and an extra $27,000 for future growth and expansion. It’s a home run when you get more money and a lower payment. Don’t you agree?

Medical Working Capital Loans for New York, NY MRI Facility

A Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida medical imaging company needed additional working capital for their expansion in New York, NY.

They operate five locations in the South Florida region. Before reaching out to us, they applied to several banks for working capital loans as well as lines of credit. The banks replied that they don’t offer business loans for people with bad credit even though he had decent sales volume
and owned the real estate.

As a top 10 business loans company in Florida, New York, Texas, and California, we took the combined revenue from each location. Concerned the owner asked if we do loans with no credit check?

We told him that we did offer loans that are “poor credit loans.” We provided a capital loan for a total of $575,000.

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How it Works –Sunwise Capital offers many types of small business loans. Small businesses have always had trouble getting bank loans from banks.

Many small business owners are declined because banks base their evaluations solely on the small business owner’s credit standing and having positive working capital. Others need business capital immediately and banks are simply unable to respond in time.

Sunwise Capital makes it fast and easy to get small business loans.


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Mark Kane

Mark J. Kane is a successful entrepreneur and small business owner. He spent 17 years in the investment banking industry. As CEO of Sunwise Capital, he understands the challenges of building a business through equity, debt, and off-balance sheet financing.

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