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When Debt Becomes Fuel: Turning Business Loans Into Growth Opportunities



Mark Kane

Forbes Finance Council

How to Turn Business Loans into Growth Opportunities with Debt

Mark J. Kane, CEO of Sunwise Capital, leverages psychology expertise to empower businesses with strategic financial solutions.

Mark Kane, CEO of Sunwise Capital Explains How to Turn Business Loans into Growth Opportunities with Debt

According to a 2024 WalletHub survey, 78% of Americans believe their debt is out of control. It’s probably safe to say that most people see debt as a necessary evil. They prefer not to have it. Debt carries a negative connotation and is an opposing force.

The challenge for entrepreneurs is that this perspective perhaps overlooks the power of debt when it is leveraged wisely. Reframing the financial obligation not as mere debt but as an engine for growth can propel business growth. By changing their lenses, business owners can see debt as a catalyst for opportunities.

Understanding The Nature Of Business Debt

Business debt in the form of a loan is but one tool in a company’s financial arsenal. It’s crucial to distinguish between “good debt” and “bad debt.” Capital at the company’s disposal that can be used as an investment that will generate long-term income or grow in value is “good” debt.

On the other hand, borrowing money that doesn’t afford short-term benefits or long-term growth is often “bad” debt. The difference between explosive growth or sinking in quicksand may be nothing more than issues with timing, the amount borrowed, and the loan terms.

What Successful Debt Leveraging Can Look Like

Imagine a tech startup on the precipice of exponential growth that decides to secure a loan that enables the quick scaling of its operations to meet marketplace demands. Or the local retailer that recognizes the potential for nationwide solid demand for their product and deliberately borrows to fund an impressive expansion. Both companies view the loans or debt not as handcuffs or restraints but as the rocket fuel that thrusts the business engine to greater heights.

Key Strategies For Turning Loans Into Opportunities

Business loans can accelerate a company’s growth. The borrowed funds can launch new marketing campaigns, expand from local to regional or national, or help hire new talent. The capital infusion creates opportunities to grab market share with both hands.

R&D And Innovation

If innovation is the heartbeat of growth, then loans are the bloodline it needs to bring oxygen to the idea. Securing debt can turn ideas into products, services, or the redefinition of markets.

Operational Efficiency

Investing in new technology or upgrading equipment can dramatically increase efficiency while reducing operational costs. Businesses can use debt to make capital improvements, which keeps them competitive.

Strategic Acquisitions

Gaining market share is perhaps the most obvious benefit of a strategic acquisition. Properly structured debt can help absorb a competitor or merge with a complementary business to increase market reach.

Navigating The Pitfalls: Risk Management And Planning

Borrowing money can be a double-edged sword. There is always risk.

The safest route is mapping out a detailed repayment plan with conservative cash flow projections. The fulcrum is the cost of the loan versus the potential return on investment.

Having a backup plan is also critical. If the market unexpectedly shifts, you need a contingency or alternate route. The key is to keep a healthy debt-to-income ratio, ensuring solvency even when navigating rough roads.

The Psychological Aspect Of Debt As An Entrepreneurial Tool

How do you change the perception of debt as good and not evil? It involves a psychological shift. You must see beyond the repayment and focus on your long-term vision for the company. Successfully managing finances demands confidence in your plan. And you are building financial expertise and tactical anticipation.

Future Trends In Business Financing

The business loan landscape is everchanging, with fintech and alternative lenders creating more flexible and accessible options for companies. The future promises innovations that create tailored financial products that closely fit the needs of businesses. This allows growing businesses to make better strategic borrowing decisions as it becomes a more significant part of the entrepreneurial playbook.


Debt is more than a financial obligation. Think of it as a catalyst for growth and opportunity. Entrepreneurs can seek new business potential by rethinking debt as a tool, not a yoke around the company’s neck.

Having a bold vision is not enough. You must have a strategic plan and careful risk management. Although business financing evolves continuously, so do the opportunities for businesses to leverage debt to fund their growth. The challenge is for entrepreneurs to reconsider their attitudes about debt and borrowing. They must not be trepid in their views but see beyond their preconceived notions to envision their entrepreneurial dreams.

To borrow from the psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, who authored The Road Less Traveled, the entrepreneur embraces the unknown and takes the alternative route that leads to unprecedented growth. Using wisdom and strategic insight, the business loan may not be a road out of necessity but a bridge to a new horizon.

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The information provided here is not investment, tax, or financial advice. You should consult with a licensed professional for advice concerning your specific situation.

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Mark J. Kane, Founder & CEO of Sunwise Capital, is a distinguished entrepreneur with over 16 years in business financing. Beginning as a psychologist, he quickly became a trailblazing Hospital Administrator. Mark has built multiple ventures, notably accelerating a startup to $18M within months. His transition to Sunwise Capital stems from a deep-seated desire to empower business owners with strategic financial solutions. Recognized for his expertise, Mark's leadership at Sunwise Capital reflects his commitment to fostering business growth and success. Click the link to read more about the author.

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